Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray - Review

Oribe Dry Texturising spray (UK link - here; Available on Amazon India for a ridiculous price)
 The Oribe Dry Texturising spray is amazing volume hair in a bottle. I have very fine, limp hair which gets greasy within hours of washing. I exaggerate, but I have washed my hair daily for nearly 10 years now. I find it bizarre when people say second day hair is the best. My second day hair is greasy at the roots and I can never go out confidently in it. But this hair spray helped me skip alternate washes, which literally is life changing for me.

For years I have been hearing people sing the praises of this spray, but I avoided it obviously due to the price. The 150ml bottle costs Rs 3800! I have never spent that much money on a single hair product, I somehow can justify spending it on my skin though. But on one of those days when I was itching to spend some money, I walked into SpaceNK (not a good idea), and bought the spray.

It gives so much texture to my roots, and makes them stand up rather than get stuck to my scalp. The best part is the spray does it while allowing my fingers and hair brush to easy run through the hair. 

Story of the Dupes
I have used the so called dupes of the oribe spray and every one of them has been horrid. The Charles Worthington Volume and Texture spray, which is called the Oribe's closest dupe feels like spraying cement into your hair. I hated it, it makes my hair extremely dirty and it went straight to the bin after one use.

I hardly ever style my hair, who am I kidding, I never style my hair. I wash it, let it air dry, spray Oribe when roots are slightly damp and sometimes forget to even brush through. My hair has always been low maintenance, adding oribe into the routine has definitely been life changing. To the point where I went and bought the travel version as I NEEDED it on a recent 4 day holiday!