Monday, 23 June 2014

Review/Comparison - Anastasia Brow Wiz & MAC Brow Pencil

Remember my recent Sephora haul where I picked up the Anastasia Brow Wiz? And remember the post where I declare my undying love for the MAC brow pencil? Well then if I love the MAC pencil so much then why the hell did I go out and buy a different product, you might ask! Number one reason being my curiosity, it certainly a force to be reckoned with. The second being the spoolie at the end of the Anastasia pencil. Let me explain...

The MAC pencil is awesome, it is creamy without being overly so and is so quick at giving me the my-brow-but-a-hundred-times-better brows! The only problem with it is it has no inbuilt spoolie or a brush. Instead I was using a smaller hair comb to tackle my unruly brows (Trust me you do not want to be caught brushing your brows with a hair comb, makes you look weirder than you already are!). The spoolie issue might sound very trivial but brushing the brows before and after filling-in ensures any unruly hairs are put back in line and disperses excess product if any. It is incredibly effective at fixing an overzealous brow job. Long story short, the spoolie at the end of the Anastasia pencil solves all of these issues for me. Moving on to whether the actual product inside is as good as if not better than the MAC offering.

I am afraid I have to say a big NO. The shade Ebony is perfect for my dark brows. The end result is pretty much the same irrespective of which pencil I use, which is indeed a good sign. However it is the process of getting to the end result that is miles apart. Whereas the MAC pencil is so easy and quick owing to its creamy nature, the Anastasia pencil is very dry to the point where it feels a bit scratchy. I do not enjoy doing my brows with it one bit. The spoolie alone is perfect which means until MAC comes out with a spoolie ended brow pencil I am going to have to tote along the Anastasia pencil just for the spoolie and the Mac pencil for the actual product itself. Real life issues of a beauty addict!