Friday, 1 November 2013

OOTD(Outfit Of Two Days) + Gift card I won!

Today's gonna be a good good day! Why am I singing? Cause a new Banana Republic store opened where I work and they gave away a £50 voucher (:O) to the first 100 people to walk into the store with an email they had sent earlier. The store opening was at 8AM and I was there at 7:56AM (My normal wakeup time is 8AM if it is just any other work day lol!). There were already at least a 100 people ahead of me and my friends in the queue, but due to some turn of events, a lot of them disqualified and we were the 62nd to enter the store and out we came with a £50 gift voucher!!! I love Gap and their casual clothes, banana republic is a slightly more polished/expensive sister of Gap. I am quite excited about this, as you can see obviously :P I wouldn't have been gutted if I hadn't made it in the first 100, I went there merely for the experience and to actually get the voucher is an added bonus!

On to the outfits. These are two outfits I wore to work this week. The casual one is what I am wearing now as I type. Don’t know what I was thinking wearing green pants and converse to a bank! Oh well!

Outfit 1
Shirt (Sheer blush pink) – Kaliko
Black vest worn underneath – New Look
Pants – Zara
Shoes – Clark
Watch - Titan Raga (I love this collection. Own two from them. Anybody else love titan watches as much as I do?!)

I love this sheer shirt. It took me a while to figure out how to wear it. It came with a blush pink camisole underneath, but I felt a little exposed when I wore that combi, so the shirt was getting no action from me. But now I want to wear it every week to work!

Outfit 2
Long sleeve shirt – Gap
Green Chinos – Zara
Shoes – Converse 
Love the green jeans. You can see me wearing this here.

And hope you all had a spooky Halloween! A halloween decor picture for you from my work place. They served pumpkin soup in the cafeteria! Happy weekend peoples!!!