Thursday, 17 October 2013

My skincare lust list!

Yes I keep a skincare wishlist written in a beautiful flower patterned lilly Pulitzer notepad (Read typed into an email and saved in the drafts folder)! And recently it has been growing at a light-years’ pace. I am a skincare junkie. At any time you will find more skincare items in my bathroom cabinet than makeup in my vanity draw. I would love love love to be able to get my hands on the below products to see if they wow me like they have several other bloggers out there. If only they were not so bank-breaking!

I am not one to shy away from expensive products, but we cannot always afford to spend thousands on any and every product that catches our fancy, can we? That is where this list comes into action. To avoid becoming an impulsive shopper I let products sit on the list and if I still feel the same way about them after a while I buy them. And before I buy I make sure I do my research(Read google search them a million times) so I do not get ripped. I am getting ramble-y there, so let’s move straight ahead to THE LIST!

1)      Estee Lauder Advance night repair – Such a cult product that we have all heard about! A 30ml will set you back £48 (Rs 4800)! Enough said!

2)      Shu uemera lash curlers – I don’t need to say “cult” again cause all the products on this list are cult favourites. I have this cheapy cheap lash curlers from Boots. I would love to upgrade it to the shu uemura ones right now!
     £20 (Rs 2000), so I am letting it sit on the list for now.

3)      Laura mercier/Jouer Tinted moisturiser – I love myself a sheer coverage foundation, which is exactly what tinted moisturisers are. Foundation with slightly higher moisturising ingredients. I have so far tried only the Nivea one which I did not like, but would eventually like to try the raved about Laura mercier or the slightly less known offering from Jouer.
     £22 (Rs 2200)

4)      Origins Vitazing – Similar to the above offerings but from the Origins brand. A moisturiser that is said to even out skin tone with ever so slight coverage.
     £28 for 50ml (Rs 2800)

5)      Origins drink up intensive mask -  I have used a lot of masks in the past, but an overnight mask? Now that is new to me. Spread across face and go straight to bed and you wake up to glowing skin. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!
     £22 for 100ml (Rs 2200)

6)      Kielh’s eye cream – I am happy with my current eye creams Eysilix and Clinique All About Eyes. But the Kielhs ones keep coming in my dreams. I will try their avocado eye cream at some point in my life.
     £33 for 28ml (Rs 3300)

7)      Tarte Amazonian clay blush – I don’t know what this is doing on my skincare wishlist! But ya tarte blushes are not widely available in the UK. Raved about and hard to procure equals a never-ending lust over it!
     £26 (Rs 2600)

8)      Alpha-H liquid gold Intensive Night Repair serum – I have the Liquid Gold itself which is pretty amazing. Now I want the serum too! Maybe the two will make my skin more glow-y, more healthy blah blah blah.
     £50 for 50ml (Rs 5000 :O)

9)      Clinique’s Super Rescue Antioxidant Moisturiser – This is a very potent night cream offering from Clinique. Meant to give you soft and supple skin by morning. Definitely getting this once my Ponds Age defense night cream gets over, which by the way I luurrrveee, but I can’t get the Indian version in the UK.
     £39 for 50ml (Rs 3900)

10)   La Roche Posay Serozinc – This one purely because it is what my fav skincare blogger uses. A hydrating toner or something of that sort! (I have to hop to Paris to be able to get this and I hate ebay)!

So if I bought all these products right now it would set me back £299.99 only (In true Bata style) and a husband! So I will let these sit on the wishlist for now!

 Do you make lists? What is there on your skincare/makeup wishlist?