Thursday, 10 October 2013

My current perfume obsession & Fall - Lancome La Vie Est Belle - Photos & Review

Now I have to admit two things, one I am no big perfume person/collector and two I have no idea about notes, sillage etc.

My perfume preference goes like this - I like sweet scents, I hate anything that smells of roses. I had a perfume in university gifted by my uncle. It was called something like Papoa, a clear bottle, orange liquid, round orange cap. I absolutely loved it and wore the heck out of it. It became my signature scent in university and recently my friend told me the minute she smells it somewhere my hostel room memories come rushing back to her. I have been hunting for it forever now, so I can smell and see if I have associated good memories with it, but even the trusted google is unable to return anything! If you have any  idea about the perfume I am talking about, please let me know in the comments below!

At any time in my vanity I don’t have more than two perfumes, one of which is mostly cheapy cheap I bought at a clothes store, the other a slightly more expensive one. Right now they are Britney Spears midnight fantasy and Lancome La Vie Est Belle (Life is Good in French). On one of those days when I was feeling rather spendy, I decided to treat myself to a luxury perfume and hit the nearest department store with a list in mind, Dior Cherie, Marc Jacobs Dot, Prada Candy, DKNY Pure. I was roaming around smelling each n every one of them to the point where my nose could no longer tell which was which. I left confused and empty-handed. On the train though one particular scent kept coming back to me and I kinda adored it and wanted to keep smelling my wrist!

Lancome La Vie Est Belle was the one, perfectly sweet to my taste but not too sweet to make me gag. It does not make me car sick while wearing it and travelling long distance! (Weird thing to say about a perfume, but I have all forms of travel sickness possible. Have you experienced this?!). And the best part, it lasts ALL DAY LONG and more. I can smell it on all my clothes now and the smell lingers even after washing the clothes. I don’t know what I want out of this post, guess I just wanted to write something, anything about this gorgeous perfume. And yeah I love the packaging, Julia Roberts is the face of this perfume - I love her too!

If you are on a perfume hunt and are a sweet-scent lover, then do check this out. Let my description not bother you since I know it is crap! It cost me £49 for 75ml (Approx Rs 4500). If you ask me if it is worth spending that much on a high-end perfume I would say a big YES! The cheaper perfumes do smell great, but their scents definitely do not last longer than 2-3 hours.

Are you a perfume person or Deo-only kinds? Let me know what your signature perfume is? Also do you use a perfume atomiser for travelling or do you prefer carrying the full size?

On a different note, fall is here in full swing! I took the pics below yesterday evening. The leaves changing colour and dry leaves strewn on the floor made me strangely happy. Come morning that happiness was nowhere to be found cause walking to work the wind was literally freezing my ears off! A winter haul soon on the cards for me, gloves, winter hat n what not!