Monday, 14 October 2013

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - Review & Photos

So recently when I completely overhauled my skincare routine I chose to have two different cleansers, one for morning and one for before bed cleansing. The morning cleanser needed to be something simple that I did not have to pay much attention to, that was not too expensive, a fall-back cleanser if you will. The Liz Earle cleanse and Polish ticked all the boxes. A product with lotsa great natural ingredients, that is meant to cleanse and polish the skin and it cost me £13 for 100ml. And this product is literally the most raved about in the internet world, so naturally I was curious to try it out myself. I am here to record my thoughts on it, having used it for a fair amount of time now.

I ordered this product directly from the Liz Earle website. Shipping was free and they promise to include a travel size sample of one of their products with every order. I was awe-struck when my order arrived the next day, especially with the way it was packaged, like they would a wedding dress or something. Beautifully tissue wrapped with a nice thank you note and a catalogue of their products. Everything so well made with so much care, the brand scored some major brownie points right then. One thing that irked me though was they sent a 30ml sample of the same thing that I ordered, which could be a win and a fail. I would have loved to try something else from this brand, but looking back getting 30 ml free for a 100ml order is some great value. I am not complaining. The cleanser is manufactured in Britain, which makes me strangely happy :)

The product is exactly what I expected it to be. I use it as an AM cleanse and look forward to washing my face with it everyday. It comes out in a whipped cream texture and is a breeze to massage skin with. I then take it off with the Liz Earle muslin cloth, which is the polishing step. The cloth helps lift away any dead skin by gently exfoliating it. It takes off all makeup waterproof or otherwise effortlessly and leaves face very clean while at the same time feeling soft and supple. A no frills product that does what it says, definitely a must-have for me. Just for the record it is a non-foaming cleanser.

Highly recommend to anyone and everyone no matter what your skin type. It is always good to have a fall-back cleanser, one you can rely on when your skin is not feeling very well and all you want is some non-irritant cleanser that does a great cleansing job.