Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Forest Essentials Japapatti Hair Oil - Review & Photos

I was first introduced to this by Aarthi from A-Shopaholic, when we met recently. She has a ton of superb reviews on FE products which got me intrigued to try some hair oils from the brand. The store reflects the brand ethos which is of being a high-end ayurvedic health+beauty sorta environment. I was looking forward to getting the Bhringhraj hair oil which Aarthi attributes to helping control her hair fall. But the guy suggested I try this instead. I love the packaging of the product, the sleek squared bottle, the golden cap and the cardboard effect outer box! Now on to the product itself cause that’s what we really care about right?!

A little hair info for you – my hair is relatively problem-free. I do not use heat on my hair, I let it air dry every time(Hairdryer maybe 5 times a year and straightener once or twice). I have very fine, silky hair that is also extremely thin. Apart from it being thin thanks to my genes, I have no other issues with it. It generally is silky and has a nice shine to it, thanks to all the coconut oil I rub into it on an alternate day basis. I wash my hair almost every single day and to counteract the damage caused by over-washing, on alternate nights I apply tons of coconut oil and let it soak overnight. When I first started doing this during college days I was not aware of the benefits of coconut oil beyond the fact that it gave me silky shiny hair the morning after. But recently I came to know more on reading a book “It is ok to have lead in your lipstick” which helps bust some cosmetic industry myths and decodes some jargon thereby aiming to make you a smarter shopper. The book sighted in several places that hair that has already grown out is a dead part of the body. There is nothing that can nourish it from the inside. All the conditioners we use can only make it ‘feel’ softer by externally coating it with silicones. That is no high-street product except Coconut oil.

The humble coconut oil is the only stuff proven by several research as being capable of entering the hair shaft (base/root of the hair) and doing wonders to improve the texture of hair. This Japapatti oil from FE is exactly that, coconut oil infused with several other good herbs. Not a bad product right? I have used it 5 times now, the first time I used it as advised on the bottle. Warmed up some oil, applied to the entire length of hair starting at the roots and washed it off after an hour. I did not notice any difference at all. No softness, no nothing, which really left me disappointed. The next time I used it in place of my usual coconut oil and left it overnight. The morning after I washed it off with shampoo and after one wash my hair felt strangely slimy. But on running my hands through the hair and rubbing fingers together it did not feel greasy (slimy yet not greasy?!). It felt exactly the same as how hair feels after washing away conditioner, slimy but not greasy or un-clean. My hair was left silky soft on drying and I really liked the effect. I had not used any conditioner at all, yet my hair looked visibly shiny.

Now on to the part that irks me a bit. I am half-way through the product in just 5 uses. So the entire bottle would last me 10 uses (Yes I use a lot of oil for overnight soaking!). The bottle cost me Rs 1000 for 200ml, which makes it a Rs100 expenditure for every use. So the question is, it is worth that much of money? For  me it is not, simply because it does not deliver anything more than what my usual coconut oil delivers. The virgin coconut oil that I use is £9.50 (Rs 950) for 460 grams, which is less than half price and it lasts me 6 months easily.

Recommendation? For anyone with real hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, dry damaged hair, FE has some brilliant products. For such people the cost will be worth it, as the product does work. But for someone with manageable hair with not so many ground-breaking issues, I would say stick with what is cost-effective for you.