Thursday, 3 October 2013

Brush Cleaning - MAC, Sigma, RT - Photos & Few observations

Last night was brush cleansing night. I normally do this over the weekend, but yesterday I was feeling especially productive and had some free time in hand. There will only be face brushes because I do not do eye makeup! I have maybe two eyeshadows in my stash, one is MAC Bronze and the other a Shu uemura or something which looks exactly the same as MAC Cranberry!

The brushes shown are
  1. MAC 116 blush brush
  2. MAC 134 Face brush
  3. RT blush brush
  4. RT Expert face brush
  5. Sigma Tapered Kabuki
  6. Sigma Angled Kabuki
I have been regular with brush spa sessions ever since I had a bad experience with the MAC 134 mentioned here. I wash my brushes with any cheapy cheap shampoo that I currently have. Right now it is Head & Shoulders shampoo + Conditioner. This seems to work awesome leaving brushes extremely fluffy and soft thanks to the conditioner ingrained into the shampoo.

Few observations I made while washing
  1. MAC 116 blush brush was the most dirty, it kept oozing out pink froth even after 3-4 shampoo washes. And this is just one week into using it!
  2. The RT blush brush was pretty badly stained pink after only two uses with MAC Fleur power. Post-washing though it is back to its former glory.
  3. The MAC 116 blush brush was the one that shed the most. 3-4 hairs lost yesterday alone. The rest of the brushes were all completely shed-proof!
  4. After leaving them to dry overnight the MAC and RT brushes are completely dry, fluffy and soft. The two sigma brushes are still as wet as a chicken in the rain! They take absolutely ages to dry which really irritates me because today morning I had to blend concealer with my fingers.
  5. The brushes all look and feel as good as new, especially happy with the MAC ones. They have lasted my 3 years already and still look super-new!
  6. They are all so clean and soft, it makes me sad to get them all dirty again :(
Step -1 Swirl brush in a dollop of shampoo. Keep doing this until the froth comes out white.

Step-2 Wash away the froth and rinse the brush until the water runs clear. I don't put the brushes directly under running water. Instead I take the desired amount of water in a bown and switl the brush in it. Just to make sure water does not get into the brush holder.

Step-3 Squeeze out extra water and leave them on a dry flannel to dry overnight.