Friday, 4 October 2013

Alpha-H Liquid Gold - Review/Rant/Rave & Photos

This is one of those products which, until I came to know about I had not heard about it or the brand anywhere at all. But once I had read about in a few different places, I kept seeing it on almost every skincare/beauty blog/youtube video I read/watched. I was so damn eager and impatient to try it out. It arrived one day after I had placed the order and I tried it on my face that very night.

What is it? Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a chemical exfoliant containing glycolic acid that you sweep on to your face with a cotton wool and leave overnight. The glycolic acid in liquid gold works to improve the skin’s texture in many ways, one by loosening the dead cells and revealing newer radiant looking skin and two is by bringing down the ph of the skin thereby making skin work hard to raise it back up thereby leaving skin tighter and looking plumped up. It also stimulates the skin to make hyaluronic acid and collagen both of which reduce as we age and both are required for that baby-bottom soft skin we are all after. I hate abrasive scrubs for the face and this has been an absolute god-send when my skin was in dire need of exfoliation.

My take on it - The product resembles plain water. I sweep it across my face with a cotton pad, it tingles slightly which subsides in a few seconds. The morning after applying this for the first time, I woke up and went straight to the mirror. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was a tad bit disappointed cause I did not see that much of a difference. The skin however felt absolutely pampered, extremely smooth and soft but it did not look very radiant and glow-y. Come evening, I could not stop staring at my face in any mirror that caught my sight! My face was glow-y and looked rather nice, like I have never seen it before. I am used to tired-looking dull face by evening, but the liquid gold totally changed that. My skin looked matte and my foundation stayed looking exactly how it looked in the morning. I made a funny comment to my mom about how good my skin looks and she casually said “yes it looks good, I  noticed it in the morning itself”!!!

All positives and no negatives? How can that be?! I noticed that this made my nose shinier than it used to be. I am not saying oily, but shiny cause if it was oil it could be easily wiped off. But on wiping the shine would not budge, it is still there! Personally that has not stopped me from using liquid gold every other night for the past two weeks, but it is something worth noting.

Has it radically transformed my skin? I would say yes and no. Between good cleansing routines and this my skin has become really good, like it has never been before. The texture has improved dramatically and I have been enjoying spot-free healthy looking skin. However I would not attribute it entirely to Liquid Gold alone. It did show instant results, but what transformed my skin the most was really good cleansers and hyaluronic acid from hydraluron shown here and here. I would stress more on the effectiveness of exfoliation as a skincare regimen rather than the product itself. If you are someone who hates abrasive scrubs and does not like traumatising skin with those, then look for a chemical exfoliant rather than skipping that step completely. I did the latter and ended up with dull drab looking skin. My skin right now is anything but dull and dreary!

Until I come across some other exfoliant that catches my fancy I will continue to repurchase liquid gold. It really is something that instantly transforms your skin for the better. Be sure to use sunscreen with broad spectrum protection and a high SPF the following day as this product makes skin sun sensitive. I do highly highly recommend liquid gold.

You can buy it from here for £31.50 for 100ml. It will last you well over 6 months! (Use code CULTAH to get worldwide free delivery)