Thursday, 26 September 2013

Real Techniques Blush Brush - Review & Photos

RT Blush Brush

I really did not need another blush brush. I absolutely love my mac blush brush(Written about here). But I got carried away by the spot light thrown at the RT brushes. I held myself back until now, but I eventually caved in!

I bought their expert face and blush brushes. My initial thoughts on using the blush brush was “omg this brush is so huge and fluffy, more like a powder brush for the entire face”!
While the mac variant is smaller and the bristles a bit rigid, this one is big and very fluffy. I used it with MAC
Gingerly the first time and did not think it packed on enough product, I had to go at it a couple of times to make the blush show up. Whereas with the mac brush I would have no such difficulty.

Today I used it with MAC Fleur power, which is a matte blusher and more pigmented than gingerly. This time I absolutely loved what this brush did. Where the mac brush would have made me clown-like even with the slightest dip, this brush showed me the true potential of fleur power. Fleur power is one of the least used blushes in my stash because honestly it scares me a bit, find out why from here. I think with this brush I am going to start using it up very quickly because I have been reaching for it every single day! It picks up very little product and deposits it evenly making it a dream to blend. Heck I don't even have to put any effort blending, this brush does it all!

RT Blush Brush

Final verdict – The RT blush brush will be a dream to use with highly pigmented blushers like the mattes or pro ones from MAC. I would not use it with sheer blushes as it takes more than 3 swipes to get enough colour to the cheeks, which leads to a bit of product wastage I think. A good tool can make all the difference, I am now going to quickly use up my matte blushers!

MAC 116 brush. So much smaller than RT!