Friday, 27 September 2013

My hunt for the perfect liquid foundation – Rant! (Clinique Superbalanced Review in disguise?)

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I am not a big fan of liquid foundation. They really scare me cause I do not like a cakey face(Who does?!) and I associate  liquid foundation with cakey! But often times I see girls with flawless skin and they say MAC Stufio Fix fluid is their secret weapon, or Estee Lauder Double Wear and that intrigued me if maybe there is no direct relationship between liquid makeup and cakeyness. So I decided to step into the liquid makeup puddle albeit with caution. So instead of jumping right into the full-coverage foundation land, I treaded into the sheer coverage pool.
Clinique Superbalanced was an instant choice mainly because Rashmi from IndyaBeauty raves about it. She too is not a full-coverage foundation fan and this foundation suits her like a glove. So off I went to get myself colour-matched. The Clinique SA matched me to 9-sand, slapped my face with the stuff and asked me to come back after some mall-wandering. The whole trial gave me a rebellious feeling and I just HAD to get the stuff. When I went back the next day to buy it, there was a different lady at the counter who said 9 might be too light on me. She was very sure I was a 11 and so 11 went home with me.

I apply it with a Sigma angled kabuki brush, it goes on sheer without giving me the dreaded skin-suffocating feeling. At first it feels wet on the skin but soon sets to a pretty dewy finish. I LOVED the finish and everything about the foundation. I had issues with my face becoming very dull by mid-afternoon but with this foundation that did not seem to happen. I thought I had found my very own liquid foundation love! That is until…

Until recently when I started seeing my face in natural lighting. My face looked grey, especially the area around my mouth which is a tad bit darker than the rest of my face. I put it down to the foundation being more pink based, thereby making the darker areas on my face look grey. But I continued to ignore it since I liked the finish. Until one day when I was asked by a Benefit SA if she could give me a makeover (Do we ever say no to these offers?!) The first thing the lady mentioned was that my face looked grey because I was using a pink-based foundation and went on to ask which one it was. If I hadn’t noticed it myself I would have smiled and thought to myself “of course she wants to sell me her stuff and the best way to do that is put down what I am already wearing”. But I knew she was speaking the truth and that was the last day I wore Clinique Superbalanced on my face!

Although I really liked the finish, 11-Sunny I think had too much pink in it and hence might be suited for people with cool undertones. I am an NC42 in MAC and definitely one with yellow-ish skin. The pink and yellow combined made my face grey and not looking very nice. I definitely need something with yellow undertones. So the search for my perfect liquid foundation is still on! Leave me your suggestions if you have a HG liquid foundation!

Btw the benefit lady applied their Hello flawless Oxygen foundation in shade Toasted Beige and it instantly looked like there were lightbulbs under my skin. She mentioned benefit foundations are really great for Asian skin and promised to hook me up with a sample. Unfortunately that day they had run out of it and I am yet to go back and ask her for one. This time though I am definitely not buying the full-size without trying on a tester! Any thoughts on the benefit foundation?

Ignore the watermark! It is a Sigma Angled Kabuki