Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MAC Cream Colour Base Hush - Review, Photos & Swatches

MAC Cream Colour Bases in general are multi-purpose products that can be used for a plethora of highlighting jobs. This shade Hush in particular is quite a popular cream highlighter and one that MAC SAs recommend for medium-to-dark skin tones. I use hush to highlight my cheek bone area. I have used it under my brows but that seemed to make my eyes appear dark and did not really brighten them up. As for the bridge-of-nose highlighting, I have an embarrassing story to tell which follows a little later!

I find it pretty easy to apply with fingers but I advise you to take particular care while blending out the edges since the formula is slightly dry/stiff. In the sense that the cream does not melt into the skin, it rather sits on top of the skin making it a must to nicely blend it out. For the blending bit I use the Sigma tapered kabuki brush, any brush with densely packed shorter bristles should work.

I recommend this to anyone with medium skin tone looking for an easy-to-use no fuss highlighter. It gives a nice lit from within sorta effect when used on the cheeks. In the past I have applied it thinking I can’t see any difference at all, but have realised later in pictures that it does make me look glow-y and healthy! It gives skin a pearly sheen and seems to show up better in pictures(due to the flash?) which is what highlighters are about right?

I have used Vanilla pigment in the past, but that was an absolute nightmare to work with, especially for someone like me with very little patience. I used to get the pigment all over my hands and always ended up with a lot of cleaning to do and product wastage. Plus I think vanilla would look good on cool-toned skin, as it looked almost white on me. Hush on the other hand is great for warm skin tones, since it has a slight champagne colour to it. Plus being a cream highlighter it is very easy to use. Overall I think hush is a great highlighter and one that I find myself reaching for every time I have the need for one.

Ok now for the embarrassing story bit, I had applied hush on the bridge of my nose using my finger for a family event. I did this as the last step without paying much attention. Only half-way into the function while checking my face in the mirror, I noticed to my horror that I had not blended the thing out. It literally looked like I had drawn a straight line with shimmery cream on my nose. Imagine going around with a flawless face(not that I have a flawless face, but we can all fake it right?) with a straight shiny line down the nose! Definitely not a pretty sight, and not something we ever go for!

Under bathroom lighting