Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Clinique Moisture Surge Vs Clinique DDMG

So I  got a deluxe sample of the Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief moisturiser as part of the Clinique bonus time, which I have written about here. It is a really good size for a sample, I have been using it everyday for 4 weeks now and I still have half of it left! I own the full size of the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel which I have extensively reviewed here. I really like the latter. This post looks at how the two compare.

Both are moisturisers but with slightly different claims. The moisture surge is meant for when your skin is in need of a moisture boost. You can either use it everyday as your regular moisturiser or dab it mid-day over makeup or even use it as a 5 min mask where you apply the gel all over your face and 5 mins later wipe off any excess. The DDMG however I think is meant more as a light-weight daily moisturiser.

As far as consistency, quickness of getting absorbed I think both are the same. Both are extremely light-weight, oil-free and get instantly absorbed into the skin. Neither is greasy.

First difference I found is that the moisture surge made my skin a little bit oily after a few hours of application. I kind of felt like it was giving my skin more moisture than was needed, whereas the DDMG having been designed for oily skin helps control oil and does not make my skin as oily.

Second difference is the packaging. I absolutely adore the packaging of DDMG, it comes in a convenient and hygeinic pump bottle. The moisture surge however comes in a jar packaging which is not as hygienic even if you wash hands before digging into the gel. Also this packaging is known to cause gradual degradation of the ingredients due to constant air exposure, which for me is a major con.

Overall both are fantastic moisturers in their own right. Moisture surge is definitely more moisturising than Clinique DDMG, but the former makes oily skin oilier due to it being extra moisturising, so might be better-suited as a daily moisturiser for dry skin types and as a treatment product for oily skin. But packaging-wise DDMG is a sure winner.