Thursday, 12 September 2013

Clinique All About Eyes - Review & Photos

Clinique All About Eyes is my first high-end'ish eye cream if I may say so. All along I have tried crap creams from Health & Glow that cost Rs 99 and did nothing at all, yes you Biotique eye gel I am looking at you. There is a reason why they are so cheap! Right now I am in a phase where I want to invest in good skin care items (Guess this comes with growing old!). I now believe in creams that are backed by extensive research and because of that they normally cost a bit more. No matter how much you spend on colour cosmetics, if skin is crap you will never do justice to all those pretties sitting in your vanity. Before I go on n on I am going to jump right into the eye cream review.

Clinique All About Eyes is an eye gel that claims to reduce puffiness, appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It also claims to help hold eye makeup in place throughout the day.

Method of Use
I use it morning and night, take a little bit on my ring finger and dab dab along the eye contours. Upon application it gives a cool soothing feeling and gets absorbed into the skin completely leaving behind clean moisturised skin ready for makeup. No need to wash hands post-application as it is absolutely non-greasy. I really look forward to using this gel due to the cooling effect. 

I have oily lids and my eye area is my biggest concern due to dark circles. They are hereditary which have become worse since I had my baby due to disturbed sleep. So I am constantly looking for products that can make me eyes look less tired. This cream does not seem to make my eye area any less oily. My eye oiliness is what it has always been.

As for my dark circles I can really see an improvement. Recently I received a compliment from my husband who said I have done my makeup really well. I drilled him with questions on what it was that he specifically noticed, he said my dark circles are not visible at all. Infact I was not even wearing any concealer that day!!! While it does work in reducing their appearance, the gel is not really a cure for dark circles, it does not even claim to be one. I am not sure if a cure can come in the form of a cream, it really has to come from within, good diet and of course 8 hours of beauty sleep. But for those who can't really balance those, there is clinique all about eyes.

I highly recommend this eye gel for anyone suffering from eye area issues like dark circles and puffiness. It really does help reduce the appearance of dark circles. As for fine lines I am not the right person to tell since that is not really an issue for me, atleast not yet!

I will definitely be purchasing the full size once this sample runs out.