Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Holy Grail Spot Treatment - FaceClin Gel Review, Photos & Swatches

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I am 27 years old and I am reviewing a spot treatment gel that I use regularly! Story of my life! For the most part of my teenage years and early 20s I have been dealing with crazy oily skin. But offlate I think the oiliness is getting controlled which I would like to think is due to the products I have access to as a grown up but truly it is also due to ageing I guess. Apparently with age the skin also changes texture and my skin is now in the combination-oily category.

Anywho, moving on to the fun bit, spots. I still get spots on my face once in a while. And most of the time they are pretty big and angry looking, similar to what I used to have as a teenager. Only now they attack singly rather than as an angry mob! When I do get them I use my trusty spot treatment gel, Faceclin.


It is a transparent gel that makes sure my skin goes back to its old spotless self in 2-3 days time. My derm asked me to use it three times in a day. I use it only twice a day because I dont want to carry it to work. Maybe it takes less than 2-3 days if you use it thrice.

Take a small amount on the tip of the finger (clean hands first!) and apply it straight on the spot. Slowly massaga the gel in and leave it to sit for a few seconds before applying your usual moisturiser.

The gel is not sticky or tacky feeling and gets absorbed into the skin pretty easily. It does not come in the way of makeup or anything at all. Once it sinks in, it is nowhere to be found.

Does it make skin prune-like or itchy?!
I  have used spot treatments in the past which have claimed to make spots disappear overnight. Most of those creams end up doing two things
  1. Make the spot go away overnight and take with them a bit of the surrounding skin too!!! Leaving skin looking so dry and dead in that area! (and/or)
  2. Itch the heck out of that spot!
This cream neither claims to produce an overnight miracle nor is itchy on the skin. It is gentle and takes its own time, but the end result is pretty awesome, no black marks and no trace of the spot really.

Price - Rs 150 for 20g of the product ( I bought mine from a local Chennai pharmacy about 6 months ago and I have 3/4th of the product left)

Would I Repurchase? YES.