Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Revlon Lipstick Smokey Rose - Dupe of MAC Midi-Mauve?

Smokey Rose is my favourite shade of lipstick from the Revlon super lustrous line. It comes in a pearl finish which is obvious from the picture below. I am not a massive fan of frost in my lipsticks as they tend to wash me out, but this is nowhere close to being frosty. The pearlescence tends to give lips a glossy finish, similar to MAC lustre which is my fav mac lipstick finish. Read on to see if it mimics my favourite MAC lipstick of all times!

Shade Description
The shade Smokey Rose, true to its name is a muted rose shade with subtle red undertones. I think it is safe to say that it will suit all skintones and will give medium skintones an MLBB lip look. It is one of those no fuss lipsticks which you can throw in your bag and apply effortlessly without thinking of a mirror.

Revlon Smokey Rose - Swatched second from left

Finish of the lipstick
The lipstick glides on the lips effortlessly and leaves them pretty well moisturised. Because of this quality they do not last as long on the lips and one might have to re-apply after 3-4 hours, which is not a con for me. I want my lipsticks to be like that and really do not like those matte/satin finishes which sit on the lips for hours together making them look like shrivelled prunes!

Due to it being creamy, it seems to melt away a lot faster. As you can see in the image above, I have used quite a bit of it but haven't owned it that long.

Dupe of MAC Midi-Mauve?
This lipstick is said to be a dupe of my all time fav MAC lipstick, midi mauve. I think I am kinda obsessed with midi-mauve to the point where I was almose in tears when I lost it recently in a house move. But I will 100% be repurchasing it on my next visit to the mall! Anywho moving on to Smokey Rose, I bought it without even swatching it at the store, which is very rare of me to do so. It might not be an exact dupe but they do fall in the same colour family and produce similar results when worn. I cannot compare them for you now, obviously but will do so once I buy my third tube of midi-mauve!

Would I Recommend? YES! This is a beautiful shade of everyday lipstick, very work appropriate, creamy and what-not! It is all good, so go buy it!

If you would like to try MAC Midi-mauve but haven't done due to the price, then buy yourself this and be rest assured you are not missing much at all.

Price - £7.99 in the UK (Around Rs 560)