Monday, 5 August 2013

NOTDs featuring OPI and Clinique

 This is a quick post showing some NOTDs during the past week or so. 

OPI polish in French Quarter for your thoughts

Who comes up with these names?! The shade is a very industrial kind of grey, but one that is still interesting on the nails. It is the same colour as the fire escape banisters in my apartmement, but having this on my nails makes me strangely happy, like I normally feel wearing a girly pink! The consistency was a bit runny, but not as bad as this polish here. Overall I really like this shade and I think it looks rather chic on my nails if I can say so myself :P

Clinique Nail varnish in shade Pinkini

This is one of the samples I got free with my Clinique haul. I am sure Barbie has this polish in her collection! This is the perfect barbie pink. I thought this would make my cuticles look darker than they already are, but it isn't too bad right? The consistency however was pretty bad, not something I would expect from Clinique. It went on streaky and it has already chipped a lot after just 3 days. So I am definitely not purchasing the full size.


  1. You have applied the polish so neatly :)

  2. I loved the grey one! Been looking for a nice grey since months now!

    1. Thanks swati, this is a good grey option :)