Wednesday, 21 August 2013

MAC blush Fleur Power - Review & Swatches

Fleur power was my second blush purchase ever in MAC (My first MAC blush was this and my all time favourite MAC blush is this). I asked the SA at MAC to give me something in the pink family and she gave me Fleur power. At that time I was in a Pink loving phase, I wore Sweetie lipstick on a daily basis and finished it all up in a few weeks! But that's a different story. I really liked how fleur power looked on me in the store and immediately bought it, but I should say it is one of my least used blushers. Read on to find out why.

Fleur power belongs to the Satin blush family. Satin blushers are meant to be matte, extremely fine and crazy pigmented with no shimmer. This blush is all of that and more. Due to it being so pigmented you barely have to graze the blush with your brush and it transfers like crazy. On my NC42 skin tone this goes on almost hot pink, which contradicts every other review I have read online. They all seem to say this is a peachy pink blusher, whereas I call it a hot pink.

What I don't like about it?
This is my least used blusher in my collection since I find it very hard to blend. Due to it being so fine and smooth it tends to stick to the area I first place the brush and does not budge thereafter (For a second it reminds me of how my kindergarden teacher used to do our makeup for our school dance. Some random cream blusher applied in a perfect circle on the apples! Happy days those were :D) I really have to work my brush to make the product move around and blend. But once blended out nicely it does give a pretty pinky cheek. I prefer to use this only on days when I depend on makeup for a pick me up. Other days I tend to not reach for it at all. This is the only satin finish blusher in my collection, so not sure how I will feel about other blushers in this category.

Would I recommend? Yes I would, but only if you have a good blush brush like the 116 for example and a good amount of patience to blend it out. It is a beautiful pink blusher imparting a healthy n cute pink-ness to the cheek. 

I think it would blend better on dry'ish skin, which sounds silly but I think it would not stick so tightly to dry skin!

Price - £18 (Approx Rs 1600, MAC seems to be increasing their prices once every month :O)