Monday, 12 August 2013

MAC 134 Large Powder Brush - Review & Photos

MAC 134 is a large powder brush that totally put an end to my search for a good powder brush. This is the only powder brush I currently own, I started with the one from ELF but I threw it out as soon I bought the 134. It comes with a fat, short handle and natural bristles which are packed very very dense. I am definitely not a brush hoarder, I find one that I really like, one that works best for me and I stop looking for more. I have owned this for 3 years now and I have literally used it every single day of those 3 years! Read on for my thoughts on MAC brushes in general and specific thoughts on 134. 

MAC 134 Large Powder Brush

My thoughts on MAC brushes in general

I mostly have MAC brushes in my collection apart from the odd Sigma and ELF althouugh the MAC ones are what I reach for all the time. All the MAC brushes are truly great quality. I bought them all about 3 years ago and they are still as good as new.

I have found that MAC brushes are a real investment and are worth every penny we spend on them. I think it is better to  have one perfect brush to do the job rather than 10 cheap ones. The better the tools, the better the makeup application anyways. There is no point in spending thousands on cosmetics and being stingy with the tools. We need great tools to do justice to all those beautiful blushers and powders sitting in our vanity. OK sermon over!!!

OK, not yet, just one more thing to add, according to me owning one great brush is minimalistic and highly reduces the maintenance effort you need to put into them!

My thoughts on the 134 powder brush

I use this brush to apply my favourite MAC foundation reviewed here. Before I started using foundation I was a big big fan of MAC MSF Natural. I used the shade Medium dark and I bought this brush to apply MSF. It did an awesome job at it and gave me a pretty flawless base. It does not over apply product or waste powder in the air. And I don't end up with a powdery face either, which is largely down to the product than the brush, but just letting you know! On one of the MAC visits, an SA insisted I buy the Studio finish powder foundation instead of the MSF natural. I did not want to budge from powder and she was insistent on giving me a bit more coverage, so the studio finish powder went home with me and since then I have been a total convert. I have not bought a MAC MSF natural since then, which reminds me I have been meaning to get one for a while now just to rediscover it and see what made me love it so much. Sorry, I digress!

Washing and maintenance

I wash it once a week with any regular shampoo and leave it to dry overnight. The next morning it is completely dry and very soft. I prefer washing it once in a while with a cheapy shampoo that has loads of sulphates in it which makes the brush even softer. The brush does not shed and after 3 years it still is very effective. 

Embarassing experience alert!!! I started facing an issue with the 134 brush recently. Everytime I used it to apply powder foundation I felt a strange itching sensation  and I discovered much to my embarassment that I had left the brush unwashed for too long (Read a month :O) and that had caused it's bristles to stiffen due to product build-up. Gross I know but you learn from experience right!? After washing it with baby shampoo, it was back to being its soft fluffy self and stopped irritating my skin. Since that experience I have been judiciously washing my brushes every single week. Message to take away from here is, if you dont wash this brush regularly, it will start microexfolitating your skin and it is not a pretty feeling, trust me!


Has it passed the test of time?!

It has travelled with me A LOT. I have crammed it into small crappy makeup bags or sometimes even in suitcase compartments, but the bristles have not changed shape. The picture above was taken just a few days back and you can see how it looks shapely and pretty new, where it actually is 3 years old and I have used it every single day, I am not even kidding. (I totally copied this from the blush brush review, but this is what I exactly had in mind for the 134 too ;) )


Would I recommend?

YES! It is a great brush for applying pressed powder. Though I have not used it for loose powder, I can't imagine why it would perform any less. Wash it regularly to avoid micro-exfolitation.



Around Rs 3600 I think (£39 in the UK, which is Rs 3600 due to the crazy exchange rate right now). I might be terribly wrong with this pricing. Correct me if I am!


  1. Looks great..nice review supriya :)

  2. OMG itching! i try to wash my brush every week..atleast the ones which I use daily :) i agree MAC brushes are a huge investment! i have only 217 and absolutely love it!

    1. haha! Yes Parita, I look forward to using them the day after a wash, they become so soft!

  3. It looks good :)nice post Supriya!!