Friday, 16 August 2013

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick Cocoa Pink - Review, Swatches & Photos

Cocoa Pink is from the Lakme Absolute Matte lipstick line and is my perfect office going lipstick shade. It is a matte lipstick with no shimmer or glossiness and leaves your lips with that classic Indian aunty lips! LOL fret not, I have found a way to make it work, read to know more.

Here is a little story on how I chose this shade -
On my last trip to India, I was really looking forward to trying some products from the Lakme Absolute line, mainly due all the good coverage it was getting from Indian beauty bloggers. One visit to the Lakme stand and I was ready to run from it as fast as possible, credits to the SA. She literally tried to push every single product there into my basket and would not let me explore products on my own. And the amount of knowledge she had, rather lacked in makeup application was appalling. Wish lakme trained their SAs better at makeup application and gave them better products to use on themselves! Before she could scare me more I had chosen this lipstick and had walked away from the counter for good. Had I know this was a matte lipstick I would not have purchased it at all. I was cursing the SA for literally pushing me towards the wrong product. I stay away from matte lipsticks because they dry the heck out of my lips. In MAC, lustre is my fav finish. I had to make this lipstick work for me. I hate to see products sitting in my vanity unused.

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick - Cocoa Pink

How I made the matte lipstick work for me -
I describe this shade as a dark rose with strong brown undertones. The brown makes it work appropriate and very lakme-esque, something I am so used to since childhood! Too many swipes of this lipstick makes my lips look too dark eventually making my face look darker which is not the look I ever go for. I like subtly enhanced lips and to achieve that all I do is very lightly dab my lips with this lipstick. This method leaves me with the MLBB look that I love and the effect is stunning. It immediately perks up my face and I don't end up with dry lips as there is hardly any product on, however if I do find my lips getting dry I apply some lip balm and I am good to go.

Lakme Cocoa Pink - Swatched at the right end

Packaging - The packaging is OK, it looks good and classy but does not feel so. The twisting mechanism is not snugly fit, it is wobbly but nothing major. The cap fits with a satisfying click and will  not come off easily which is a must for travelling.

Will I Re-purchase? I merely dab this lipstick on, so will never run out of it. Even if I do, I will NOT be repurchasing this shade. However I am going to be buying shade "Peach carnation" soon.

This lipstick also has a very discernible sweet taste that is so damn yucky and I left this product un-unsed for so long due to that taste.! I wish Lakme stopped doing this.

Price - I think I paid Rs 480 for it.

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick - Cocoa Pink