Friday, 23 August 2013

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild - Review & Photos

I received a deluxe sample of the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild meant for dry-combination skin with a recent Clinique haul (Other products I hauled can be found by clicking here). I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and think I  have made up my mind one way or another about this product. This has been a very old favourite of mine, years ago when I was a major fan of the Clinique 3-step skin care system. Now I feel a little disconnect with this liquid soap. 

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To begin with I have combination-oily skin, the exact opposite of the skin type this sample is meant for, dry-combi. So for someone with oily skin, using a product meant for the dry skin would mean very mild cleansing with oil still left behind on the face. But this face wash did the exact opposite. My face felt extremely clean, squeaky clean to the point where I felt my skin was being stripped of all of its oils. Kinda bizarre!

Secondly, it foams like CRAZY! I am at the stage where foaming cleansers don't appeal to me anymore. Guess I  have started using more mature skincare items (I recently placed an order for the much raved about Emma Hardie balm cleanser! Can't wait eeek) that foaming cleansers seem like a teenager product to me! Not sure if that makes sense, but it feels like I am using detergent on my face everytime I use this product. This combined with the soapy smell, make me cringe every time I use this face wash, because it feels like I am not doing any good to my skin, especially at night when we want to give that extra something to the skin.

All that negative said, I think this face wash is HG stuff for a lot of people out there and I can totally see why. Some people might actually like that squeaky clean-ness and this face wash will do a splendid job at giving them that. So if it works for you then well and good, please please don't be swayed/offended by this review. But it has left me questioning how dry it would make already dry-skin! Maybe it wouldn't, maybe it will work wonders on dry-skin, if you are one and you love this product let me know in the comments below.

Would I recommend? Yes (You are thinking I am crazy!), I think this is a great face wash for people who are just starting out in skin-care, when there are no major concerns except for giving skin a thorough cleanse.  This product will certainly give you clean skin. For slightly older skin (late 20s) I would say there are better targeted products out there. 

Most clinique products that I have tried do do what they say, but try and get your hands on a sample before investing on the full-size, for obvious reasons. An fyi, the full size is BIG and lasts FOREVER. 

I wanted to add that this is not meant to be a negative review and I suggest you take this review with a pinch of salt

Price? Rs 1750