Monday, 5 August 2013

Clinique Haul and Gift-With-Purchase

First of all TGIF!!! I have been eagerly waiting for the weekend to finally come round. looking forward to spend some quality time with my hubby and the little one :D I visited my nearest Clinique stand yesterday since Clinique is currently running a bonus time. They do it at regular intervals where if you buy two or more clinique products, one of which should be skin-care you will get a goody bag free. It worked out really great for me because I have been wanting to buy their Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel(an old favourite of mine) along with their Super balanced foundation. I was sold on the foundation after seeing Rashmi from Indyabeauty use it a lot in her FOTDs. 

Even if all the products in the goody bag were duds , the bag itself seemed like a good deal. It will make a nice makeup bag with bold summery prints! But the products in it were not duds either. It had the following samples and the SA claimed that the total package is worth £45 (Rs 3600)... Not a bad deal huh?! 

  1. Clinique All About Eyes Clinique Moisture Surge 
  2. Clinique dual ended mascara gloss combination (High impact mascara and Pink Guava gloss) 
  3. Clinique A different kind of Nail polish in their famous shade Pinkini 
  4. Clinique Dual sided nail files 
  5. Clinique mild face wash

Initial Thoughts  
So far I have tried the foundation, DDMG and the eye cream. I am really liking the foundation and can see the reason for the hype surrounding it. I need to give it a bit more time. 

I dont have to say anything about DDMG. It was an old favourite of mine and I am rediscovering it. I think I am in love with it all over again. DDMG and the superbalanced foundation combination seems to be a great fit for my oily skin. Proper review coming soon. 

The eye cream claims to reduce a lot of those bad eye problems. I used it today morning after a shower and feel like it is irritating my eye a little bit. I am still not sure if it from the cream or from a bad nights sleep! Time will tell. 
Looking forward to trying out the rest of the stuff. Meanwhile y'all have a great weekend! 

Clinique DDMG - £29.50 (Rs 2360) 

Superbalanced Foundation (Shade "11 Sunny") - £22 (Rs 1760) 
**Writing the prices in Indian rupee gives me a reality check! I would never spend Rs 4000 on one day in a beauty store in India!!!**


  1. Lol ! I'll make you spend more than 4k in a single day ;)I so loved the bag :p

    1. Haha Arthi! We ll see who spends more ;) the bag is a stupid justification to buy more stuff :P

  2. WOWWW :D :D awesomeeee it is honey D: D: I am more excited to see your goodie bag :D
    seriously cant wait to see your views :D :D
    I want to see the foundation # 11 swatch :D
    and heyyyy its decently priced na :D :D

    1. Rashmi, glad to see you stop by :D
      I think I am a Clinique convert now! I love it more than my beloved MAC Studio fix powder foundation! eeks!
      I will soon do a review of it with swatches etc :)

  3. pretty haul ....I love Love clinique
    it suits my oily face so well

    1. Kriti I love clinique skincare too. They have some absolute gems. I have combi skin btw