Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Clinique DDMG - Review, Swatches, Photos & Comparison with Simple moisturiser

Clinique DDMG is a moisturiser meant for skin that is either oily all over or oily just along the T-Zone, which is exactly my type of skin. I used to be a big fan of this moisturiser years ago but since then have branched out to other less effective moisturisers, because lets face it I am frivolous when it comes to skincare. I want to try everything that ever gets introduced in the market! I picked this up recently as part of a small clinique haul which you can read about here. And I can totally see why I loved it as much.
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel - For Oily Skin

My thoughts - I use it every morning after a shower. You really need the smallest amount. It spreads across the face effortlessly without feeling in the slightest bit greasy. And it gets absorbed into the skin instantly. You dont have to wait for it to sink in etc. You are ready for your foundation immediately after.

I like the fact that it does not make my oily skin oilier as the day goes by. With other products my face would start to resemble an oil slick by afternoon, but with this only the tip of my nose gets oily. The rest of my face is not that bad, I am not saying it mattifies my face, it does not claim to do that either. It just controls oil production during the day. And it does not interfere with makeup in anyway. It is pretty much  not there immediately after application, in a good way.

It does not have SPF, so you need to use a separate sun protection.

Do I Recommend? YES. To anyone with oily skin looking for a non-greasy moisturiser, which actually controls oil production. It does not interfere with makeup.

It is good to have a trusty moisturiser that works for you that you can fall back on.

Price - Rs 2360 (£29.50 in the UK)

Is it worth the price? Yes. At 200ml considering how little you need per application it definitely is going to last a long time, which makes it economical.

Clinique DDMG Swatch

Clinique DDMG - How to use

How it compares to the Simple  moisturiser? Before Clinique DDMG I was using the Simple moisturiser because I read/heard somewhere that the two are lietrally the same but at a fraction of the price (like 1/30th of the price!). That is definitely not true! The simple moisturiser is more of a cream consistency whereas the clinique one is clearly a slightly runny gel, as is evident from the swatches. The Simple moisturiser does not control oil, so my face becomes oily by afternoon. It might be better suited for dry skin. But at the price it definitely is a great moisturiser and might be more suited for the dry skin girls. I like it and have used it up almost fully, but will not be repurchasing it.

Simple moisturiser

Simple moisturiser swatch