Wednesday, 24 July 2013

ZARA Haul - shopping the sales

There are summer sales going on everywhere at the moment and I have picked up a few things here n there. I am not a massive sales shopper as cluttered shops tend to give me a headache. But there is a zara right next to my workplace and the shop is kept pretty orderly until about 6PM, so I try and do my shopping during my lunch hour. 

I have only added pictures of what I hauled. I am yet to gather the courage needed to post styling pics as I have already worn some of these pieces on a recent trip to Scotland. 

Leave a comment below if you would like to see ootd posts featuring some of these items. Without further ado let's jump right into the haul! Enjoy!

Roses jumper

I love this jumper and the vintage look of it. It is not chunky so you can still pull it off on a wet summer day.

Cropped Green jeans
I have really taken to the coloured trousers trend. I might do a separate post on how I style them as they can be a bit tricky to style.  I wore these green ones with the jumper above when we went on a nature trail and it looked like a complete camouflage! 


Black n white jumper
This is a great find as it was reduced  from £50 (Rs 4000) to £20 (Rs 1600). I love it and I paired it with dark skinny jeans. It has sequins all over and is a bit itchy and poky if I don't wear the right stuff underneath! There is a zipper at the back running the entire length of the tops. I like that detail along with the slight high low effect.

Trench coat
This is truly a score as it was massively reduced from £70 (Rs 5600) to £20 (Rs 1600) :O It is such an awesome quality trench coat. I cant wait to wear it to work in autumn when the weather starts to get chilly. 

With this one I was a bit wary because there were still a few pieces left in my size. So I tried it several times before I went to the till. I was sure there must be some defect somewhere, because the sale was too good to be true and people should have been all over it by the time I found it! Guess I was just lucky this time :D

Jewelled top
I do not know when or what sort of occasion I am going to wear this to. But the jewel detail was calling out to me and I had to have it. This one cost £20 and was reduced from £40 (Rs 3200).  Excuse the crazy creasing!

A close up pic... just for good measure!

Red belt
One can never have enough skinny belts.
Cost - £5.99 (Rs 480)

Cropped Black trousers
This was not part of the sale haul but I bought it around the same time for £35 (Rs 2700). I wear it to work almost every other day and I pair it with every top in my wardrobe.  I think every girl should have a pair of standard cropped skinny black trousers in her wardrobe. It is such a versatile item.

Apart from these I also bought some items for my little one, which I will write about in a separate post.


  1. Do would look great :)

    1. i will certainly try that combo soon Bhumika :)

  2. Great Haul :) Loved almost everything you have picked up :)

  3. amazing haul :) Cant wait for the OOTDs :)

  4. Oh how I want that vintagey jumper! That's really calling out to me :)

    1. lol smriti! I know that feeling :P

  5. Lovely Haul ! That Trench Coat is awesome :)