Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Soap and Glory Hand Cream, Facial Exfoliator, Body Scrub - Review, Photos & Swatches

Since Sephora opened its stores in India Delhi, I have started seeing quite a few reviews on Soap and Glory products from fellow Indian bloggers. And they all seem to be raving about them, which seems to be the general trend everywhere! Here is my view on some of their products that I have personally tried.

1) Soap and Glory Hand Food (Hand cream)Needless to say this cream is the best smelling hand cream I have EVER tried in my life! And the packaging is one to die for, comes in this really cute pink retro-looking squirty tube. The cream itself is white and thick (not too thick, but just right)and spreads really easily. It gets absorbed into the skin instantly leaving no greasiness. Immediately after application you cant help but take your hands straight to your nose for a nice long sniff :D Apart from the smell and the packaging, the product doesn't really deliver for me. It does not moisturise to the level expected out of something that is so raved about. I apply it right after a shower and by the time I get to work in the next hour or two, my hands are feeling a bit stretchy and I feel the need for moisturisation. And I do not even have dry hands.

Would I repurchase?
I have used up this big tube and will not be repurchasing as I am currently in love with my Vaseline hand cream.

2) Soap and Glory The greatest scrub of all (Facial Exfoliator)
A pearlescent white, grainy, coarse facial scrub that does not even smell that nice. The packaging is cute though, in line with all S&G products. I have to admit I bought this simply for the brand. I dont like it at all just like I hate all other grainy exfoliators. It does not do anything to my skin and I feel like I am scrubbing my face with one of those scrubbers you use to do dishes! 

Would I repurchase?
I am trying hard to use it up and will never be repurchasing this. 

3) Soap and Glory Flake Away (Body exfoliator) 
OK, by now it has started to sound like I hate all products from S&G. Not true! I love this body scrub. It looks and feels like any other salt scrub but smells ABSOLUTELY DIVINE! I use this when I am in the mood for a nice long bath or after epilating my hands and legs. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and smelling really nice. While rinsing this in the shower, it feels like my skin is coated with a thin film of luxurious oils. It even leaves my bathroom smelling sweet and girly the entire day :D 

Would I repurchase?
You can see I have used up a lot of the product. I will certainly be re-purchasing this when it runs out.